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The story told by the dead man from the grave–Written by–MAXWELL SYLVESTER DARRAH

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It’s was a sunny Monday while I sat in a commercial bus (Trotro) travelling from Tema to Accra.
I got carried away by the fresh natural wind which no Riches can Afford blowing through the windscreen of the Bus, then I fell asleep and I saw this Ghost man talking to me

I was an Usher in a beautiful and society recognized Church,
I played my role well and top ministers and leaders of the church admired and respected my efforts in my Domain.
Everything was beautiful until I lost my Job, and due to That, my attendance and attitude towards church activities has dropped, as I have to do unfamiliar jobs just to support my wife and two daughters,
Several months passed by and still hasn’t gotten a befitting Job.
I spoke to most of the Top managers of most prestigious companies in the church and even personally went to some offices to submit my applications to them
They promised to help but until my death, the help hasn’t come.
Those that I mostly helped when I had a job has even became my enemies,
Most ignored my calls and never bother to call or paid me a visit at home,
Things became hard for I and my family to the extent of not eating for two whole day which resulted in the illness of my little daughter whom also got admitted at the hospital and needed money before being attended to,
I called almost everyone I think can help but to no avail,
Then I decided to call my Presiding Pastor and narrated all to him and all he could say was: GOD IS OUR HEALER and I should never seize pray,

I cried unto the Lord for the whole night and fell asleep unknowingly.
By the time I woke up it was almost morning, so I told my wife to take charge and I will go to the town an try to gather some cash for our little daughter’s treatment,
I went to the Hospital gate and spoke with Amelia who sells Koko to credit me so I can give it to my wife and little daughter before embarking on the search for the money, I was so surprised this Muslim sister gave me extra of what I requested and told me not to bother of paying back,
My heart and eyes were filled with tears.
I left that morning in search of money and God being so so Good,I met an old work mate and we spoke and she promised to help
She took me to the Hospital and paid all Bills and brought us home and gave some extra money to wifey for the house keep

This woman was a strip Dancer whom I worked with back then at a club while i didn’t know Jesus..
She was my Saviour

A week later, i was called by a friend for a labourer work at a construction site and I accidentally fell from the Top floor and met my untimely Death,
My wife was so much devasted and Depressed,

I saw so many beautiful donations at my funeral while my spirit was still restless roaming the earth,
My church members appeared in their numbers to bury me with so many donations and offerings
I was so sad
If only I could get all these while alive, i wouldn’t have met my untimely death:
Only GOD can Judge us

…..Proverbs 19:17

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