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Sambwoy was not sacked,it just miscommunication,Gally Nation And Wisdom Muzik Are Two Different Things.—PRINCE(read full story)

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Prince Banayeleble,is the P.R.O. for wisdom muzik and the road manager for BEST GALLY

Prince has made things clear to the general public concerning sacking of their artiste SAMBWOY on the behalf of GALLY.


Gally Nation is for Gally.. (The management team of Gally)..

As other artistes asked to join Gally, he created Wisdom Muzik so he can put any artiste dat wants to join him under it..

Now this is how it works..
Joining wisdom music doesn’t put u under the management of Gally Nation.. Which means before u join wisdom music, u need to have ur own manager or team..

So under wisdom music you’ll find..
⇨SAMBWOY and his management team (Sambwoy Music)..
⇨REEZY BWOY and his team..
⇨TK and his team..
Likewise the others..

Buh all this was done with NOTHING DOCUMENTED but as they were all under Wisdom Music, even though Gally charge nothing for joining wisdom music buh he has been producing their tracks for them free and sometimes write songs for any of the that ask for it..
Gally puts them on Gally Nation shows and pay/give them something small after every show..
And through this shows, almost all Gally fans love this guys too..

▒▒▒To make long story short ▒▒▒

Gally now decided to make things about wisdom musik official..
Which will also put Gally Nation under Wisdom Musik.. So with Gally as CEO, he came out with some terms and conditions.. Non of this terms and conditions gives Gally or Gally Nation any power to do what they want but will only benefit every one under wisdom musik..

#Note: Wisdom Muzik have no executives #YET apart from the CEO but are to be chosen.. And it after each team or artiste signs the contract, they will provide one person to represent them and these representatives will be the executives to run wisdom musik..

The forms with the terms and conditions were given to them and some agreed signed the contract..

But Sambwoy and his team after going through the terms and conditions they said if they sign the contract now it will effect a project they’ve built up to 90%+ but they took the form home and later brought it filled and signed..

Now this is where the tiny #MISUNDERSTANDING came up .

Now after they brought back the form filled and signed their part and left the place.. and it was left with the CEO (Gally) to sign to complete it..
But he paused and 2 options suggested..
Is either Gally sign and they will work with it or to wait after the project they said it will affect to end before..

The next day, they released the list of Artistes that are confirmed under the new organized WISDOM MUZIK..

People were surprised for not seeing Sambwoy but were only asking “WHY”..

Sambwoy and team didn’t ask WHY.. When they saw the list.. They only released a track titled “LETTER TO GALLY, MY FATHER”

Please my people I knw u will all agree with me on this..


Its the track that has convinced everybody to think that Gally sacked Sambwoy from Wisdom Muzik..

But according to Anada, their intention was to use the track to BEG Gally..

Gally was very shock when people start to call and askd why he sacked Sambwoy.. After they listen to the track..


Now Wisdom Musik and both shocked after all that Anada said in the radio.. Pulling and turning eveything hard to solve now, bringing out every secret and issue that he know of.. That should’ve been within Gally Nation to the public.. Concluding that no one in the label (including Real Magnet) is promoting his brother (Sambwoy) .

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