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An Artist From Ghana Just Got The Right Remedy For Corona Virus.

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Ghanaian sensational singer and a song writer RONALD BLAY of STILL KICKING ENTERTAINMENT claims that the more people are talking about this virus create a lot of fear in the minds of humanity as a matter of fact, energy flows at where attention goes.

The more you pay attention to something it is likely to posses your thought and for that reason create even more fear. You can’t talk more about something and expect it to just go away, we must focus on the positive side like how many people are getting recovered and the necessary measures we need to take to prevent it spreading , we should quit talking about the number of people it is affecting, that is quite negative and even create fear and panic.

what he is suggesting is going to be hard for some people to understand but that will be the only way possible to get rid of it. When we stop focusing on it and put our energy into something more meaningful like how to boost the economy and create a better living for every individual, the fear about corona virus will vanish into thin air. What people needs to understand is that fear paralyzed people, fear alone can kill someone without the person getting involve in any misfortune.

The more you read and pay attention to the news the more you panic and the more it is likely to attract the virus. We should learn to exercise faith In the Lord that nothing bad can happen to us and truly nothing will happen.

#staysafe Wash your hands frequently,Visit the hospital when not feeling well.

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