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Upper West Artists Are poor But Not Greedy—FIGA NATION(Read Full Story)

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A guy with a Facebook name Figa Nation who has always been on the neck of upper westerners on support your own campaign in a recent post wrote that upper west artists are not greedy but just that they are not financially stable

I saw a post about upper West Artistes not doing donations in this Pandermic(Covic19) .. My take on here is simple , 1. Our artistes are poor they are not Greedy . Our artistes did not get the support other Regions gave their artistes which made them superstars today to also support them in times like this. 2.Note that UpperWest did not make any superstar to also payback in times like this Even the few that did so many Social Projects are not properly Appreciated. The likes of King Raph and #Wiyaala did some donations way back. Raphius did #Blood_donation for WA Regional Hospital , #Wiyaala also Build a Conference Center at #Funsi. Let’s get back to the main Reasons why I think Is the very reasons why we are not moving on in our creative Art Industry ,We shouldn’t limit everything on musicians alone , We have Djs, Actors, Camara Men, Industry Gurus etc. All this people made up the Industry and all is expected to Donate to the needy but ask yourselves did they made enough Money from their Talents? The Answer is NO. This is the very Reasons Why people like Myself , Dapilah Rashard, Ayiribie Blinkx etc were Preaching support your Own during the #UpperWestHomeComingShow Period, Imagine the Amount given to #Fancy_Gadam and the Amount given to our Own artistes down here. As the the need arises now did #Fancy did his donations in WA? NO. He donated to his people in Tamale not WA. So I wanted to use this Times of Hardship and Plead With people in #UpperWest to learn how to Support their Own. Let’s support Our Own and Our Own will Support Us when Times like This Comes. LongLive the Region longLive The people and LongLive the Creative Art Industry. #ReasonWithMe #NationBoss All Views are Welcome.

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