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Quitting Music Was My Own Decision And Not My Mom—Pheeno(See Screenshot)

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Abdul Razak Abdul Matin was a musician but now Islamic blogger with the website named My Deen network. He was a singer and a writer as well but his decision to stop doing music got his fans very worried. Many people were saying that his parents threatened to disown him if he continued doing music and others too were saying his girlfriend asked him to do so.

But his current post made out of a post a Facebook user with name Mc Sankana Vandam made telling him to do a track for Ramadan or his mom will disown him, the post didn’t go well with him as he made a post to address the whole issue and he stated

MC Sankana Vandam
I stopped music at my own free will. I had a one on one chat with my dad and he gave me a priceless advice about what I was doing. He again granted me the liberty to carry on with what I was doing if I think that what he has said to me is not needed. No one ever talked of disowning anybody. It’s just that anytime you say it I laugh and let it go but you chose to bring it on here for your own reasons plated with fun. I trust my intuition. I remember that I sent QobrahBeatz Subur a portion (audio recording) of the conversation I had with my dad because Qobrah was ready to push me and I had to make him understand why I have lost interest. You can ask him and he’ll tell you only if he still can remember. I lost interest, I was not forced.

And to my other friends saying that it’s my girlfriend who made it happen nu, i thank God for such a girlfriend. She’s a life changer, and I love her 😂🤣

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