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Some Of The Reasons Why Ghana May never develop (Read Full Story)

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Ghana as a country is facing a very huge problem as far as development is concern. We have all the natural resources but people around are wondering why we are still where we are today.

Ghana is over 60 years old but can’t boast of any developmental achievement. These are some of the reasons why Ghana as a country is still where it is today

  1. Lack of continuity: Just Because Ghana is a democratic Country and they conduct a general election every four years either to change government or to maintain the sitting government so due to this government in power always abandon projects commissioned or started by the previous government and they sometimes use money to state a new project meant for the same purpose.
  2. No national agenda. Ghana as a country has no national agenda so any government bring it policy whenever votes into power which always take the country backwards.
  3. Unnecessary post in government: Ghana government has created many positions in it meant for the same functions,ministers are more than the job they are meant for
  4. Misuse of funds: Salaries given to its leaders are more than what the country earns which it make the country looks poor all the time.witg these and many other reasons are why Ghana is still where it is today
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