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PRUMAS Should Award Bloggers,P.R.O’s, Fan Base—Yung Adeeny ( Read Full Story)

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Yung Adeeny the official P.R.O of Dopest crew sent a heart melting message to PRUMAS in a post on Facebook. PRUMAS is an award scheme in the upper west region with the aim of awarding hard working artists in the region every year and this hardworking spoke person thinks that if they really want to help the music industry then they need to do more and he stated…


Whoever that’s is seeing this post should kindly help me in re-echoing this message to reach the appropriate headquarters. I write with my out-most goodwill to your humble scheme to please take a look at some various aspects of our entertainment scene that in my humble opinion i think needs be looked at so far as your scheme is geared towards the upliftment and betterment of our dear music and entertainment jurisdictions.

Yes! Its an undeniable and a fact to every citizenry of this our noble Region(Upper West) to attest to your un-remarkable and undisputed essential part you have played over the past years in ensuring our industry is been moved from nothing to something, In respect of your reputable scheme (PRUMAS) which have gone a long way in helping our musicians to reach or beeing reaching their intended goals in their various music lifes.

I want to stand firmly on the shoulders of these musicians and some prominent industry player s in the region to who in one way or the other has worked tremendously inline to see your scheme doing so well among it’s peers, In your quest to making greater plans for our musicians and entertainment industry as a whole by not holding PRUMAS19 in order to give adequate time to your plans on how best to hold the subsequent awarding ceremonies,I suggesting and appealing to your humble scheme to please take a keen look at the below sectors in our entertainment fraternity to see how best you can consider them to be apart of your subsequent awarding ceremonies.


Bloggers have played and still playing a vital role in the day to day activities of the lifes of our musicians which in my candid opinion i think bloggers are kind of neglected in your quest of seeing a better industry. These bloggers who uses their time,energy and resources to aid in uplifting the images of our musicians are mostly left with no better appreciation towards our musicians(paid well) and sometimes these bloggers don’t even get a better ‘AYEKOOO’ from some of these artists which i think your outfit if played here would be a great service to those bloggers. To cut a long note short i think putting up a place or a category for these bloggers whom might have also worked hard under the year review can also be honoured under your scheme and that will boost the morales of such deserving bloggers to also work extra harder in seeing a collective growth of our entertainment arena.


It is arguably that citizens over the year have shown less or fewer interest in our entertainment industry especially the music industry terrain until recent times that citizens have started showing and now duely following our entertainment industry, Where most of these fans who have stationed in other parts of our region and country adds their voices in the affairs or matters arising in the industry which everyone can attest to the fact that most youths,Middle aged and some few old age personalities are also showing great love for the game.

Inview of these,i think a slot for the best fanbase category if given would help motivates the people or fans to also feel apart of the game and be willing to do more for their various or favorite artists in the industry, In a nutshell if a slot is given and allow interested artists fanbases to also fill-in and vote for their choice or favorite fanbase will also help in selling the industry.

  1. PRO’S

Haven followed the industry for a while now have realized recently on how various artists(PRO’S) are however on our social media handles promoting and working harder for their teams to achieve various success with their projects on WhatsApp,Facebook,Twitter etc which i thinks few years back wasn’t same done by (PRO’S), by so doing every artist desires to have an active PRO within his or her team.

In my candid opinion if slot again is been allocated for these hardworking and outstanding people or if they are
being honoured by PRUMAS for a good works done by these PRO’S then the industry will again experience a facelift because these PRO’S in their quest to work hard to be honoured “Not To Be Voted For Category or HONOUREE CATEGORY” will be a motivational grounds for them to speed up their individual working PRO working skills which will help sell the artist and the industry as a whole.

To anyone seeing this post is hereby requested to try in his or her own space to make sure that this piece gets to its intended organization. Thank you




Yours Truly,
Yung Talented Adeeny✍

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