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Great Vision Humanitatrian Aid Host End Of Year Party for Orphans and Street Childern

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Great Vision Humaniterian Aid-Gh is an organization or an NGO established last two years 2019 and commence on 1st January,2020. The main reason why this good project is been formed is to cater for the less privilege in the society by oranising party, making donations for their shelter and to support them to have excellence in their various Education.

According to the CEO of Great Vision Humanterian Aid-gh, Pastor Adams Akurumolga who is a native in the Upper East Region and from Bongo in the Bongo District said there are so many children living in the street with different conditions. Speaking to Blueup Media, he said there are some children living with their parents but are not properly taking care due to poverty whiles others lost either a mother, a father or both which makes live difficult for them to survive. There are some children also roaming on the street aimlessly due to parents neglect others too force to engage in child labor activities because of their needs are not met and even others had dropped out of school and turn into beggars.

So it is of these view that he took upon himself to establish the project so that God’s willing no child will be left out in the near future or some years to come. Last year 1st January, 2020. A free party was organised in a village called Namoo in the Bongo District which turns to be one of it kind where children came out in their numbers numbering over hundreds to graze the occasion. Some partners donated items like, clothes, books, pens,pencils, bags, beverages, food items and many more to be given to the children (The less privilege). It was a memorable day seeing children returning back to their various homes with so many items and a full of joy.

This year is not left out when the NGO move from Namoo Community to Lungo Community to organised another colorful event for the children of Lungo Community in the Bongo District. Where over five hundred children came and partake this year’s free party organised by Great Vision Humanterian Aid-gh and supported by some partners in and outside the country which the event ended successfully and peacefully.

Pastor Adams Akurumolga said he is praying and hoping that coming next year 2022 more donors will come in and support so that they can move in to another community to organize a bigger one for the they children, ending his speech on Blueup Media, he said he want to use these opportunity to thank all donors and all members of Great Vision Humanterian Aid-gh for their sacrifices they always make towards the success of the project and Almighty God will continue to bless any soul who contributed one way or the other. For any support or information Contact: 0242783199.


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