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Back2 dissed waaluu in his industry track, fans claim.

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Back2 in his new single released this week titled industry. Has addressed many industry issues concerning the industry players. Ranging from DJs, bloggers, radio presenters, awards schemes, entertainment pundits, engineers,PROs, Managers and college artistes.

He placed much emphasis on his college artistes that are so concerned with awards, followers and village shows.

He also said most of our artists spend the little money they get from these shows on drugs, alcohol, mallams and juju men for fame. He said these artists like bragging about their suppose riches in their songs yet their mothers still sleep in a very ratchet local houses.

After the release of the track,his PRO came out with a post on his Facebook wall asking fans to tag that particular artist Back2 draged in the song and many comments suggest that it is waaluu.

Later in the day Back2 reacted to the post with his official page and account without disclaiming the post that he did not mean any particular artist.

Here are some few comments and reactions that were taking from the post’s comments section.

We are still to hear from camp of waaluu.

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